Let’s Get Stretching!

Stretching is a great way to warm up your muscles and improve flexibility! Stretching has many benefits for the body including: improving arthritic symptoms, lowering blood pressure, and relieving stress that knots up the muscles in the neck, back, and shoulders.

For seniors, it is especially important to make sure that you keep your body nimble! Seniors can exercise gently by doing light stretches in chairs, standing, or even in the water. Provided below is a video of sample stretches that seniors can do at home in the comfort of their own chairs. It can be done during television shows or commercials. It is important to keep the blood pumping and to keep stress away from your muscles.

Remember: stretching is only beneficial when done slowly. If you stretch too fast, you’re at risk of pulling a muscle and/or injuring yourself. Remember to breathe, stretch slowly, and to repeat these movements. This will help prevent injury in the long run!

Let’s get stretching!

(source: youtube.com)

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