The Success of Therapy Dogs

It’s amazing what our four-legged companions can accomplish for us. There are numerous stories and articles of what dogs, cats, and other domestic pets have done for their owners. Being in a facility such as a rehabilitation center, assisted living, or a hospital can really take a toll on someone’s mental well being. Perhaps they feel sadder than normal, have crying spells, or just feel lonely. This is where therapy dogs come to save the day. Trained to detect the emotional stress and upset of a human, a therapy dog knows when to cuddle up to a human for emotional foundation. Multiple experiments have shown that just petting a pet can immediately make someone happier.

Therapy dogs mostly visit hospitals and rehab centers to provide comfort for the patients who have a stay ahead of them. Numerous units have adapted this practice of bringing therapy dogs in. Hospice, Pediatrics, Oncology, and Trauma Units have all welcomed therapy dogs into their units.

For all of our Veterans out there: a therapy dog is a huge benefit for you! They can acknowledge the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and they can calm you down within minutes. They are more than a man’s best friend; they are man’s healer.


(Source: Google Images)



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