The Benefits of Home Health Care

As our loved ones grow older, we try to find the best ways to keep them comfortable and happy. Our priority for our loved ones is that they are taken care of, the way they have taken care of you. It is time to return the favor. There are many options for senior care that we have to choose from. As does everything, they each have their pros and cons. The most common option that people think of when it comes to senior care is: nursing home. A nursing home is a skilled nursing center that provides 24-hour supervision and care. But, not all seniors need the around-the-clock care or supervision. Some need light assistance, while others may need help bathing, running errands, or just need someone to keep them company.

This is where Home Health Care comes in handy. With the availability of up to 24/7 coverage, home health care boasts the assistance your loved ones need with the ability to maintain the privacy and comfort of their own home. Home Health Care offers a variety of services that are available to make life easier for our elderly loved ones. It is broken down into Skilled Nursing and Non-Skilled Nursing.

Skilled Nursing centers around therapeutic approaches to benefit the client in their own home. These nurses come in to assist with wound care, burns, decubitus ulcers, catheter care, insulin injections, and more. These nurses usually come for a visit <2 hours to perform the necessary duties and then leave.

Non-Skilled Nursing centers around companionship, personal care, and assistance with the client’s activities of daily living. These are typically Certified Nursing Assistants, Home Health Aides, or Personal Care Aides. All of the above are certified professionals that are specifically trained to work with a client.

Many agencies work to provide aides for clients. Agencies, such as Care Perfections, offer aides to help clients in their homes to remain private and comfortable. We help with the hassle of Medicaid paperwork, finding a compatible aide, plan of cares, and we even offer a FREE Nurse Assessment. We remain steadfast in our ways to promote Home Health Care as a safe and comfortable alternative.

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